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Split your mp3 audio files with Okoker MP3 Splitter
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Okoker MP3 Splitter will help you separate your audio files instantly. You don´t need to be an expert audio editor in order to section your recordings, now you can record a continuous audio, for example a complete concert and when you arrive home split it into separate songs. Also if you have recorded a class at school, you can later split the audio and even erase sections that are not of your interest. The best of all is that your audio file won´t loose its original quality and it comes with a viewer that will show you the audio file in its waveform image.
In order to split the files you only have to click over the waveform just in the area where you want to create the separation between sections.
Under the options to configure you can choose the output folder or if you like to browse the separated files right after the job is done.
In this trial you won´t be able to split more than one minute of audio, or use its amazing auto-create function, but for a very accessible price you can enjoy it´s full functionality.
Remember that your audio files must be in MP3 format so Okoker MP3 Splitter can work with them.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Very easy to use, with one single click you can split your MP3 files


  • The trial version only splits one minute of your mp3 files
  • The trial version has limited functions
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